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    6tusk - off top (ft. $tupid young)

    6Tusk reached his first million view video with Long Beach native and rising star, $tupid Young. The video was shot in San Diego, California, by Lil Fvckup.

    6Tusk - frfr (ft. mbnel & joemari)

    No affiliation with Kalan.FRFR's team, but former managers of 6Tusk, whom were close to Kalan, had their own chain that can be seen in the video. Often saying the phrase, it came up during a freestyle of the chorus, and it stuck. The video sits at a little under a million views, and was shot in San Diego, California, by Lil Fvckup.

    6Tusk - double bacc (ft. mbnel, joemari, and axv)

    After a sell-out show in downtown San Diego, the gang unwind at a beach house and shoot a nonchalant video whilst enjoying mother nature's herbs and laughter. 6Tusk originally demo'd the song as a collaboration with MBNel only. 6Tusk's chorus lyrics were exchanged for JoeMari's part in the song at the studio. This video was shot in San Diego, California, by Iceyy Films.

    6Tusk - close snakes

    This would become the song that gave 6Tusk a buzz. This particular song was the reason to have been flown out to San Diego, California, to discuss future plans and negotiate contractual agreements. Close Snakes was performed at a slew of shows, and was the beginning of what ended up being a good run. This video was shot in Antioch, Tennessee, by the late Akilah "Natrix Dream" DaSilva.

    6Tusk - no deal

    Shortly after being verified on Instagram, and shortly before being hacked, 6Tusk dropped visuals for this collaboration with Nashville producer, Lil Trip. This video location was provided by fellow musician Tim Cee, and was filmed by Armin3Run.

    6tusk - 37k (ft. yfa boy & lubxndz)

    After forming a label and putting together a versatile force of artists, the gang took a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia, to link with fellow members and associates to create this gem. This was shot by the infamous, Lil Fvckup.

    6tusk - mangonada

    This video shoot was inspired by the Hispanic vibe of the beat. The sombreros were a nice touch to the one-take video. This video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia, by Lil Fvckup.

    6tusk - risk it all (ft. chino lx)

    6Tusk finally got his cousin, Chino LX, to hop on a track after a night of drinking. The video was shot at the studio in Atlanta, Georgia, by Lil Fvckup.

    6tusk - 10 Toes

    Downtown Nashville is not known to be so empty, but for this video shoot, it was the perfect setting. Lil Fvckup didn't get to experience Broadway, but the duo got to lock in another completed project. This video was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, by Lil Fvckup.

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