• 6tusk

    Michael Fletcher, born October 11th, 1993, in Nashville, Tennessee, is a Lao-American recording artist, engineer, graphics artist, and videographer. Laos was called the 'Land of a Million Elephants', and before the communists took over in 1975, their red flag showed a white, three-headed Elephant. The elephant has always been a symbol of greatness, wisdom and as a vehicle of transportation. The name "6Tusk", is derived from the two tusks each of the elephants have. 6Tusk is part of the collective '37k'. You can expect to hear great versatility when discovering 6Tusk's deep catalog. Whether it's the youthful years of lyricism and story-telling, the more recent times of the struggles and pain endured being involved in the streets, or the universal connection with soulful RnB and melodies you can sing along to. 6Tusk is an independent, unsigned artist.